The Best Ways to Create a Spreadsheet in Microsoft Office Excel

When writing an article, you organize the information by breaking it up into paragraphs and sentences. You group similar ideas into sections and arrange them in a logical sequence. This structuring of information makes it easy to locate and understand the text. But what will you do if you are asked to organize information that is represented with numbers? For example, how will you structure your monthly budget or analyze survey results?

Numerical data when entered into tables (rows and columns), becomes easier to locate and understand for quick viewing.
For example, remember how baseball or cricket scores are displayed on your TV screen during a match? There are rows and columns. The rows display the names of the players and the columns display information such as the number of balls each batsman played the number of runs he made and the run rate.

Benefits of Working with Computerized Spreadsheets (or Worksheets)
Meet John Nicholas who teaches at St. Xavier’s and is the class teacher for the seventh grade. Every year, he spends hours manually entering the marks for different subjects for each student into the result sheet, finding the highest and the lowest totals for the class, and then calculating the class average. But this year, things promise to be different. John plans to use computerized spreadsheet for his task.
A spreadsheet is essentially a grid containing several rows and columns, in which text or numerical data is entered.
The word spreadsheet comes from the account keeping ledgers that use a double spread or both the sheets of an open register to enter financial data.

Spreadsheets are typically used to create budgets, analyze survey results perform various types of financial analysis, create financial reports and charts, organize lists, sales forecasting, and tracking expenses. These are also used for tabulating data for result sheets for your exams, attendance registers in offices, and keeping scores during games etc.
Can you think of other instances where spreadsheets can be used?

Traditionally, people used huge sheets of paper as spreadsheets which are not only cumbersome and complicated but time-consuming. Any information that changes must be erased and rewritten. With computerised spreadsheets, however, you can create formulas that automatically update when you change your data.
Computerised spreadsheets are created using a special computer software program, such as Microsoft Excel and Lotus 1-2-3.
Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that lets you create and work with computerised spreadsheets. It is a powerful tool to organize, manipulate and present data, fast and simple to use, even when you are calculating complicated formulae. The program has Word-like features to help you format text and add borders to cells. Excel also allows you to create attractive-looking graphs and charts to supplement the figures in your spreadsheets.

What is a Workbook?
An Excel file is also called a workbook. It is the file in which you work and store your data.
To create a new blank workbook in Excel
Click Quick Access toolbar > New.
To save a workbook in Excel
1. Click Quick Access toolbar > Save button. 2. Type Class9_results and save the file to the desired location.
Now, let’s explore our spreadsheet to understand more about its features.
Notice that in the lower left corner of your spreadsheet, next to a bunch of arrow buttons, are tabs called Sheet1, Sheet2 and Sheet3. These tabs represent the worksheets where you will enter your data.
The rows and columns grid that you see on the screen is the worksheet represented by Sheet1.
1. Click on the Sheet2 tab. 2. A blank spreadsheet opens. 3. Click on Sheet 3. 4. Another blank spreadsheet opens.
You can compare these worksheets to the pages in a notebook. Like a notebook has many pages, a workbook can contain many worksheets. A worksheet is also called a spreadsheet.
This feature enables you to create separate spreadsheets for all related topics in one common Excel file. For example, the Class9_ file can hold separate worksheets for the First Terminal Examination Results, Second Terminal Examination Results etc.

Note: By default, an excel file or workbook has three worksheets. However, as you work along, you can add as many worksheets as you want to the workbook. You can also delete existing worksheets form a workbook.
Let’s rename the first worksheet as First Terminal Examination Results.To rename a worksheet,
1. Double click on the tab. 2. The name Sheet1 is selected. 3. Enter the new name First Term Exam Results to overwrite the previous name Sheet1.
Here are some more ways you can manipulate a worksheet.

To Copy a worksheet in Excel
1. Right click on the worksheets. 2. A dialogue box opens. 3. In the Before Sheet section, click on the sheet before which you want to put the new sheet. 4. Click ok.

To Insert a worksheet
In Excel click the insert sheet button which is located next to the worksheets (at the bottom beside sheet1, sheet2 etc.)
To Move a Worksheet
Click on the sheet tab and drag it to the desired location.
To Delete a Worksheet
To delete a sheet in Excel use the right-click menu > and delete button.
To Open and Close a Workbook in Excel
1. Click Office button > open.
1. Click Quick access toolbar > Open. 2. Select the workbook to be opened and click open. 3. The workbook opens.
Now, look at your spreadsheet. Do you notice how it is neatly divided into a grid of horizontal rows and vertical columns?
FACT: A spreadsheet contains 256 columns and 65,536 rows.
The point of intersection of a column and a row is called a cell. It is the basic unit of a worksheet. This is where you enter, calculate, manipulate and analyse data such as numbers and text. Each cell can contain text, values, or a mathematical formula.
Cell Label
A cell has a unique address, or “cell reference”, which is composed of the coordinates of the intersection of a column and a row.
Each column is identified by an alphabet on the top of the worksheet – A, B, C. Each row is identified by a number on the left side of the grid – 1, 2, and 3. These letters and numbers of the columns and rows are called labels.
You can easily locate a cell by its label. For example, a cell located at the intersection of the fourth column i.e. Column D, and third row i.e. Row 3 will have the address D3.
Activity: In your spreadsheet, locate the cells B2, E9, L13.
Active cell
The active cell is the cell currently selected for either data entry or editing. You can identify it by the heavy black border, with a small square in the lower corner that surrounds it. John begins his work by selecting cell A1. To make cell A1 your active cell,
1. Click inside the cell A1. 2. A black border will appear around it, distinguishing it from other cells.
Entering Information (Text and numbers) into cells
Having learnt about the Worksheets and Workbooks John wants to now use Text to display non-numerical information like names of students and numbers to display the marks obtained in the second terminal examination.
To enter text/numbers in a cell, Select a cell and start typing.
•To move to the cell below the active cell, press Enter. • To move to the cell adjacent to the active cell, press Tab.
•Activity: Type the following information in your spreadsheet.
Ensure that the first cell A1 is selected.
•Now type: Second Terminal Examination Results
•As you go along you will notice that a blinking cursor appears in front of every character that you type. Also, notice that your text appears in the formula bar, too.
•After you have finished typing, press Enter.
•The current cell becomes deselected, and the outlined border now moves to the cell below it, A2.
Another thing that you notice is that the last portion of the text in cell A1 appears to flow over the column A into the adjacent cells in columns B, C and D. In fact, if you look closely, the common borders between the cells seem to have disappeared. Don’t worry. Your text is safely in cell A1.
•Now type the following in the corresponding cells:
Cell A1 – “Second Terminal Examination Results ”
Cell A2 – “Roll No”
Cell B2 – “Name”
Cell C2 – “English (100)”
•The text/numbers appear in the formula bar, too.
•Although the last portion of the text in a cell A1 appears to flow over column A into the adjacent cells in columns B, C and D, don’t worry. The borders between the cells have not disappeared. Your text is safe in cell A1.
Adjusting Columns
If you find that text in cell C2 is overflowing into cell D2,
1. Move the mouse pointer over to the C column label.
2. Carefully place the mouse over the common border between columns C and D. The pointer changes to a two-headed arrow.
3. Press the left mouse button and slowly drag to the right.
4. Column C gradually widens.
5. Release the mouse button.
6. Column C becomes wide enough to enclose the entire text in it, and all columns in front of it shift to the right.
7. Type the text shown against each of the remaining cells. Do not forget to press Tab after typing each text item.
8. After you have entered text in the various cells, adjust their column width to show all the typed content.
Consider these issues when creating a worksheet:
• Which items are data, numbers that you will type
• What do you want to calculate from the data
• Which number are constants and used in a variety of calculations
• What arrangement in the columns and rows will make it easiest for you and your intended audience to work with the spreadsheet?
The suggested order for entering data in a spreadsheet is:
• Type the text information to create a structure.
• Type the data.
• Create formulas, using cell references to do calculations on the data.
• Format the text, numbers to make it easier to read.

Maria Wilson a Microsoft Office expert has been working in the technology industry from the last 7 year. As a technical expert, She has written technical blogs, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

Maria Wilson a Microsoft Office expert has been working in the technology industry from the last 7 year. As a technical expert, She has written technical blogs, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

Easy Ways to reduce junk mail in Microsoft office Outlook

Handling junk mail in your Outlook account on a day to day basis can often get quite annoying if the user receives plenty of spam. People receive all kinds of mails on their junk mail folder, which may include spam, adult content emails, scam messages and so on.
At the same it is also possible that the user might receive a few important emails from acquaintances as well, who do not feature on your contact list and then it is always advisable for the user to go through the junk mail folder before he clears it so that the important messages are not lost in the process.

Hence, from time to time the process can be a little tedious as the user might have to surf through a large volume of emails. However, Microsoft Outlook comes with many options where you can add several of the filters that would effectively have a bearing on the volume of junk e-mails you receive.
Here are a few important tips to help you reduce your junk mail in your MS Outlook account:-
The process of reducing junk mail on your Outlook account start by adding filters. Predominantly Outlook offers four types of filters for the user to choose from. To reach them click on Tools & Options and then go to the preferences tab where you can click on Junk E-Mail.

No Automatic Filtering: These pertain to all the emails sent by people, who have been blocked by the user. As a result, the mails would come to the junk mail folder and not in the inbox.
Low: This option uses predefined filter levels to scan and sift through the emails that may ideally be spam. It is not possible for the user to make additional filter criteria to strengthen the filtering process, but the user can create his or her own custom junk e-mail rules with additional criteria’s that may help reduce the influx of unwanted emails.
High: This also uses the same filter levels of the former, but comes with additional scanning properties that help determine if the emails received may be spam or otherwise. At the same time, the user does not have control over the scanning process if this option is chosen. Instead, it is advisable for the user to use this option to reroute emails to the junk folder rather than using it for deletion. This is because even though Outlook spam filters work very well there is always a possibility of the user losing out on a few expected and important emails.

Safe Lists Only: This an extreme form of filter, which may be useful for people who prefer receiving emails only from those on their safe contact lists. As a result, the filters would block all other mails and would be treated as junk mail. Hence, it is always possible that you might miss out on a few mails that you might have expected, but didn’t reach your inbox because of the filters. At the same time if the user were to use this feature make sure to enable routing all unwanted emails to your junk mail so that the user can periodically scan them to check for any important messages

Maria Wilson Microsoft Office expert has been working in the technology industry from the last 7 year. As a technical expert, She has written technical blogs, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

The Best Ways to embellish your PDF format with Markup in OneDrive

  1. Get to open the OneDrive application in your Android-powered device, and open the PDF file that you want to mark up
  2. Click on Mark up, located at the bottom of your page
  3. Go to the Mark up toolbar, you can see an array of options from left to right. You can select any of the following for specific tasks such as Exit, Undo, Redo, Pen, Navigate, Highlight, Note, Text and Erase.
  4. Click on the ‘Navigate’ icon and then, scroll up, down, left, right to make your way through the PDF file to your specific location where you want to place your mark up.
  5. Click and hold the ‘Pen’ icon to select either ‘Pen’ or ‘highlighter’ option. You can draw lines, make pictures or write freehand by using a pencil or stylus, or your fingertip.
  6. You can expand the Styles menu to further configure the selection from the bottom of the screen
    • There are countless options available in the toolbar that enables you to apply different styles, so you can any different settings for each one. For instance, you can set one for a pen and one for a highlighter.
  7. Click and hold the Highlighter icon to accent text or images. Choose any of the 3 options including the Highlight, Underline and Strikethrough option, then move to the bottom of the page, expand the Styles menu to further customize your selection.
  8. To place a note into the PDF file, click on ‘Tap’ icon, then click and hold the text icon and select any of the following – Signature, Date or Image option.
  9. Click on ‘Eraser’ symbol to wipe out your handwritten markup made with the ‘Pen’ function.

How to modify or remove Markup from your PDF file?

  1. Click on the ‘Mark up’ icon in your PDF file
  2. Click on any Mark up for selection
  3. A set of tools and commands will appear on your screen, with options such as ‘Copy’ or ‘Delete’

In the end

For more information about Mark Up in OneDrive, you can contact Microsoft Customer Support Services for technical guidance.

Robert Jhon, a creative person who puts his skills in Technical writing by making everything easier for readers to understand the complexity of any tech related issue like

Easy Ways to Get the best use of Apple Browser with MacOS Catalina

Packed with all new features and apps, Apple has announced the release of the world’s most advanced desktop Operating System known as MacOS Catalina. Its powerful technology brings in all the new and cool features to fulfill the ever-growing demand of youngsters. This Operating System is all set to replace iTunes with its popular apps such as Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV app.

The all-new Sidecar feature expands Mac workspace with iPad by individuals to use the iPad as a secondary display option. The new security feature keeps individuals protected and the Voice Control feature lets users control their device entirely with the use of their voice. Make it work on a single command.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineers, said that users will appreciate the latest Sidecar feature because it makes them interact with other Mac apps such as Apple Pencil and iPad and the latest developer technologies will allow users to have third-party apps on their device as early as this fall.

iTunes, the new three-in-one app

MacOS Catalina comes as a substitute for Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV apps. It is changing the way how users entertain themselves. The Apple Music app is fun to use because it has cool features and can be used very easily. You can stream over 50 million songs and create a playlist or watch music videos in just a click.

Apple Podcast allows users to stream more than 700,000 shows from a catalog. You will also get the notification of new episodes. The app includes the new categories, selections from editors from around the world, and the latest tools to search episodes, discussion topics of your choice.

If you want to watch a TV series or movie, you don’t need to have a physical TV or go to the theatre. Apple TV is all you need to do so.

For users who want to sync their media files to their devices with the use of a cable, they can easily do it in the new entertainment apps. And when a user connects a device to their Mac device, it will immediately appear in the sidebar of Finder so that they can backup, update or restore their device anytime and anywhere.

Released in 1984, today Apple leads the world in the field of innovation. Apple’s software platforms proffer seamless experiences across all Apple devices. It gives power to people with unlimited service such as App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay and iCloud. Apple’s employees are dedicated to make the world’s best products and deliver high-quality services to its customers.

Aric Wilson, a creative person who puts his skills in Technical writing by making everything easier for readers to understand the complexity of any tech related issue. Many popular e-magazines have released his articles. He has also been writing to people’s query related to technology like and many more.

Get Rid of Office Activation Error Code 0x80070426

Microsoft Office applies some separate and different method than Windows computer system for Activation and Updates purposes. Well, Microsoft Office is the complete suites which offer many programs such as MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and many others. Unfortunately, many users have recently encounter Office Activation error 0x80070426. The error code 0x80070426 usually occurs when users are activating or updating the Microsoft Office. When the Office Activation Error 0x80070426 occurs on the screen shows an error message which says, “An unexpected error has occurred. Your request cannot be processed at this time. Please try again later. (Fix Microsoft Office Activation error 0x80070426)”.

However, this error code 0x80070426 is caused because of several sustaining services and progressions which are not working properly or being caused an error as intended. Are you facing the same error? Don’t worry, below we provide you stepwise guide which helps you in easily fixing the Office Activation error code 0x80070426. The steps are mentioned below.

Solutions to getting Rid of Microsoft Office Activation Error Code 0x80070426

Below we are illustrating the following steps to troubleshoot the Office Activation Error Code 0x80070426 for activating and updating the MS Office Activation on Windows. The steps are easy and simple, but only if you follow them in the manner, it is described on the screen. Both two methods are as follows:

  • Verify Responsible Services
  • Manually Run Activation Script

Method-1: Verify Responsible Services

  1. Firstly, click on the ‘Start’ tab to launch the start menu.
  2. Under the start menu, type ‘services.msc’ in the search field.
  3. Press the ‘Enter’ key to launch the ‘Windows Services Manager’ option.
  4. Now, a ‘User Account Control’ or UAC prompt appears on the screen, tap on the ‘Yes’ tab to navigate to the ‘Windows Service Manager’ utility window.
  5. Then, search for the ‘Software Licensing Service’ service entry from the available list inside the screen.
  6. After that, the right press on ‘Software Licensing Service’ and choose ‘Properties’ option.
  7. Ensure that its a ‘Startup Type’ which is set to ‘Automatic’ mode.
  8. Once completed, press the ‘Start’ tab to begin the services.
  9. Close all the ‘Services Manager’ window.
  10. Lastly, press the Windows + R keys all together to launch the ‘Run Utility’ option.
  11. Under the run utility box, enter ‘cmd’ and press the ‘Enter’ key to open a command prompt box.
  12. Under the command prompt box, type each command after the other:
  13. net start slsvc
  14. sc qc slsvc
  15. sc query slsvc
  16. sc qprivs slsvc
  17. sc qsidtype slsvc
  18. sc sdshow slsvc
  19. Finally, check that if the Microsoft Office Activation error code 0x80070426 or not. If not, follow the next step to fix the error.

Aric Wilson is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, he has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

The best Ways to Setup Microsoft Office 365 Email on iPhone

If you need to Setup Office 365 Email on iPhone device, then this article will help you understand the process of setting up your campus mail app on your Apple iOS devices e.g. iPad, iPhone, Mac Book, etc. Below you will get the systematic guide as to perform the task.

Below are the steps by which you can setup Office 365 Email on iPhone:

  1. On your iPhone home screen, click on ‘Settings’.
  2. Now click on‘Mail’. After that, tap on ‘Add Account’.
  • Click on ‘Mail’.
  • Press the ‘Accounts’ option.
  • If you have iOS 9 device or below, then the setting will show these 3 options- Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
  1. Now click on‘Add Account’.
  2. After that, tap on ‘Exchange’.
  3. Here you need to enter your campus email address and password. Then, tap on ‘Next’.
  • You need to exchange email setup screen
  • Type your campus email address (e.g. Then, enter your current campus password.
  • Enter a description for your account.
  • At last, click on ‘Next’.
  1. Type your server as and your username as Then click on ‘Next’.
  • Account details screen will appear
  • Type your in the given block as the server name.
  • Type your username as (e.g. Then enter your current campus password.
  • After that click on ‘Next’.

NOTE: Please note that you need to leave the Domain field blank.

  1. Choose the types of account details that you want to sync on this device. After that tap ‘Save’.
  • Click on ‘Exchange account’ options
  • Customize the slider to green next to each account item you want to be able to view on this device. Then click on ‘Save’.
  1. You’re done with setting up Office 365 Email on iPhone!
  • Mail app with emails
  • Once you start seeing your Office 365 emails appear in the Mail app that means you’re all done!

Facing trouble in setting up your mail with iPhone then you can also contact support:

  • If you are facing trouble with the iOS Mail app, then contact Apple Customer Support. They will resolve your problem via call or mail.
  • If you have an Office work or school account that uses Office 365 for business or Exchange-based accounts, talk to your Office 365 admin or technical support on
  • For all other accounts, seek help from Microsoft support.

The Best Ways To centralize efforts on deploying AI-powered updates in MS Office 365

We live in an environment where everything from our work to our personal life is moving at a fast pace. It’s common that we spend our day in writing emails, meetings, or on phones, which leaves little time for us, to focus on what is important for you. Many of us have also created never-ending lists of tasks and even took time after working hours to accomplish the same.  It’s a challenge to accomplish each task in the allotted time.

Microsoft 365 helps you to tackle with such challenges, by providing personal productivity insights via MyAnalytics application. It provides the insights and suggestions powered by Artificial intelligence which helps the user to do the smart work. The application ensures to have more result-driven insights into your work and focuses on the network, collaboration, and wellbeing. User can set new work goals and build good habits which will help him/her to manage their work efficiently.

Note: – To get more details about the latest AI-powered feature, visit

Making insights more actionable

For this, Microsoft has decided to introduce the ability to create work plans according to the user which will make it easier to set goals and achieving the same. Focus plan is at the top priority in MyAnalytics updates. To accomplish a complex task in limited time, focus plan in My Analytics will bridge your collaboration with meaningful results.

What are the 4 elements of AI- focus plan?

The four elements of Artificial Intelligence are:-

  1. The user has to create a personal focus plan.

By this, the user will get the time to focus on the assigned task for which the time slot will be automatically booked.

  1. The user can monitor and maintain your focus work routine.

Suppose, if there is some urgent meeting to attend which might clash with the allotted time, the user can easily reschedule the focus to maintain work.

  1. Learn to manage your pending tasks with the recent allotted.

This feature of AI allows the user to manage both the tasks which are pending and newly assigned timely.

  1. Try to avoid work interactions during the focus time.

The device will automatically go on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode while you are focusing on the complex tasks. Only urgent calls or messages will be visible on screen while working.

Uplift work productivity while reducing efforts with Microsoft

icrosoft is constantly doing efforts and coming up with the solutions to efficiently manage your workload productively. Microsoft has recently announced the advanced features to its My Analytics platform and a new feature that will help you to manage your workload so that you can focus on your work more, and that what actually matters.

Microsoft’s My Analytics tool is used to help the employees of an organization to monitor their productivity and will let you know how much time you have spent to work on different projects. The tool will also track down the number of days in which you have managed to do extra. When you are spending extra time to complete your work you might not check your email in that span, however, My Analytics tool keeps an account of your work. To get details and install the tool you need to visit

Microsoft works on an idea where the employees must concentrate on the number of work assignments rather than how much the employees are working after the office hours.

According to the views collected from a number of employees working in flourished MNCs, the time spent in the meetings is more as compared to the work they do on their projects. Therefore, the employees get less time to concentrate on the tasks and projects assigned to them.

Microsoft’s perception behind the new feature

According to Microsoft, it has launched some new features which will help you to set a focus time so that you can concentrate and on your task and perform it to the mark. The tool with the new and advanced features will let you set focus time each week and also you will be introduced to a Microsoft feature which will alert you and your co-employees when you are trying to sort the important meetings and projects within a time-frame. To understand and get into the details of the new advanced feature, you can visit

Microsoft launching its powerful plug-in to manage your work efficiently

As your co-workers are not concerned about the flow of work you are handling, they either will assign you another task or will schedule a meeting with you. This will result in facing difficulties in managing the tasks. For this, Microsoft is launching a new AL-powered plug-in for its Outlook application that will assist you to reschedule your focus time so that you can effectively manage your workload and focus on assignments on top priority.


Microsoft has transformed our way of working lifestyles. The company is in a constant pace of developments and work on designs, which are updated with advanced features. The plans of the company are to introduce well-structured networking and cooperation plans.

Eradicate specific OneNote notebook and SharePoint errors

OneNote has revolutionized the way people work today. It’s not always about working hard, but working smart while and the only way to do it is with Microsoft Office. OneNote helps to make the most of the time and makes sure that individuals are collaborating and growing from its use.

OneNote notebook is a “hub” where teachers could do anything related to the school. It replaces the paperwork to a digital version to improve faculty agendas and professional development materials. Along with this, it also helps to input school-wide data and achieve comparatively greater results. Regardless of these qualities, OneNote sometimes makes way for errors. Fortunately, there are techniques to fix these unwelcomed errors.

  • When your SharePoint notebook doesn’t sync

You are likely to experience problems if you try to open and sync a notebook stored on SharePoint 2010 or older version. In this case, you need to contact your SharePoint administrator and know which version of SharePoint your team is using. Ask your administrator to replace the older version with a 2010 or newer version of the software.

  • If your notebook has been created in an earlier version of OneNote

OneNote does not support notebooks saved in OneNote 2003 and OneNote 2007 formats. If you have saved your notebook in the mentioned format, you won’t be able to use it. To get access to these notebooks, you will need to first convert the notebook to the OneNote 2010, OneNote 2013, or OneNote 2016 version. To do this,

  1. Open the notebook in any latest version, OneNote 2013-2016.
  2. Choose your file and get its information by clicking on the “Info” tab.
  3. Select the notebook you want to convert.
  4. Go to its “settings” and then “Properties”.
  5. Now, opt to click on “Convert to 2010-2016” option that displays in the dialog box
  6. Now, click “OK”.

You are ready to use the latest version of OneNote in your device and you will be able to access your notebooks in no time.

Get rid of specific errors that occur in SharePoint Document Library

You can try these procedures when you are running into specific OneNote errors.

  • Turn off Required Check-in/Check Out

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the SharePoint document library.
  2. Go to the “Library Tools” Tab and choose the option “Library Tools” from the drop-down list.
  3. From the “Library Settings”, you need to navigate to “Versioning Settings”.
  4. Select the “No” option that appears next to Require Check Out option.
  • Turn off Minor Versions

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the SharePoint document library.
  2. Go to the “Library Tools” Tab and choose the option “Library Tools” from the drop-down list.
  3. From the “Library Settings”, you need to navigate to “Versioning Settings”.
  4. Select “No Versioning” set against the “Document Versioning History”
  • Turn off Required Properties

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the SharePoint document library.
  2. Now, navigate to the Library Tool tab and opt for “library” and “library Settings”.
  3. See if any items are check marked under the table titled as “columns”.
  4. Set “No” against each “required column”.

Maria Wilson is a Microsoft Office expert and her been working in the technical industry from last 10 year. As a technical expert, She has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

Easy Ways to MS Office 2019 Crack with Product Key Full Version

Office 2019 Crack Free Product Keys may be the genuine license concerning Office Home & Student 2019 product. The products will likely be documented online from the official web page and also get official messages & support assist. That triggers your current copy connected with software or technique set up either online or from your original DVD, keeping both your time and efforts and also price range.

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Key Features of Microsoft office 2019 crack

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Why download Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019?

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