Easy Ways to Get the best use of Apple Browser with MacOS Catalina

Packed with all new features and apps, Apple has announced the release of the world’s most advanced desktop Operating System known as MacOS Catalina. Its powerful technology brings in all the new and cool features to fulfill the ever-growing demand of youngsters. This Operating System is all set to replace iTunes with its popular apps such as Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV app.

The all-new Sidecar feature expands Mac workspace with iPad by individuals to use the iPad as a secondary display option. The new security feature keeps individuals protected and the Voice Control feature lets users control their device entirely with the use of their voice. Make it work on a single command.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineers, said that users will appreciate the latest Sidecar feature because it makes them interact with other Mac apps such as Apple Pencil and iPad and the latest developer technologies will allow users to have third-party apps on their device as early as this fall.

iTunes, the new three-in-one app

MacOS Catalina comes as a substitute for Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV apps. It is changing the way how users entertain themselves. The Apple Music app is fun to use because it has cool features and can be used very easily. You can stream over 50 million songs and create a playlist or watch music videos in just a click.

Apple Podcast allows users to stream more than 700,000 shows from a catalog. You will also get the notification of new episodes. The app includes the new categories, selections from editors from around the world, and the latest tools to search episodes, discussion topics of your choice.

If you want to watch a TV series or movie, you don’t need to have a physical TV or go to the theatre. Apple TV is all you need to do so.

For users who want to sync their media files to their devices with the use of a cable, they can easily do it in the new entertainment apps. And when a user connects a device to their Mac device, it will immediately appear in the sidebar of Finder so that they can backup, update or restore their device anytime and anywhere.

Released in 1984, today Apple leads the world in the field of innovation. Apple’s software platforms proffer seamless experiences across all Apple devices. It gives power to people with unlimited service such as App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay and iCloud. Apple’s employees are dedicated to make the world’s best products and deliver high-quality services to its customers.

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