Use the Maps app and its feature on your iOS device

Just like your home or work, you can add frequent locations to your app.

To add locations:

1.    Open the ‘Maps’ on your iOS device.

2.    Click the (i) icon at the upper-right corner.

3.    Select ‘Report an issue.’

4.    Select ‘Work or Home’ and find the address.

5.    Select ‘Add an Address or Place’ and enter the address. You can select a recent location.

6.    Click the ‘Add’ option.

7.    Click the ‘Back’ button when you’re done.

How to get the directions on the Maps app

1.    Open the ‘Maps’ on your iOS device.

2.    Click search bar and enter the destination.

3.    Click ‘Direction.’

4.    Select ‘Walk, Ride, Drive, or Transit.’

5.    You’ll see the fastest route on your screen.

6.    Select the route you wish.

7.    Click ‘Go’ to start navigation.

8.    Click on the ‘Overview’ option on the banner to view an overview of the route.

9.    Click ‘End’ in the lower-right corner to stop navigation.

10.    And click ‘End Route.’

You can also use Siri to stop navigation if you have turned on Hands-Free. Just ask Siri to “Stop Navigating.”

Tips: To avoid tolls and highways:

1.    Open the ‘Maps’ on your iOS device.

2.    Go to ‘Settings.’

3.    Select ‘Maps.’

4.    Select ‘Driving & Navigation.’

5.    Click the slider switch of Tolls or Highways.

How to use Route Card and find the nearby places while driving

With the Route Card, you can find nearby places like restaurants, gas station and more. While traveling, this feature is advantageous.

1.    While navigating, click the ‘More’ icon.

2.    Select your option, like restaurants or Gas stations.

3.    You will see the nearby places on your screen.

4.    Click ‘Go’ to detour your route.

5.    Click Blue banner to start navigation.

Tips: To get the turn by turn directions detail.

•    While navigating, swipe up the menu.

•    Click ‘Details.’

•    Adjust the voice settings of navigation.

How to add a transit line to Favorites

1.    Open the ‘Maps’ on your iOS device.

2.    Click the (i) icon at the upper-right corner.

3.    Select ‘Transit.’

4.    Zoom the transit line.

5.    Click the ‘number or name’ of the line/station.

6.    Go down on the detail card.

7.    Click ‘Add to Favorites.’

Tips: To find the Transit:

1.    Open the ‘Maps’ on your iOS device.

2.    Click search bar and enter the destination.

3.    Click ‘Direction.’

How to find nearby places on the Maps app

With the Nearby feature, you can search places nearby to your location like Shopping, Food, Drinks, Fun, health, transports related places.

1.    Open the ‘Maps’ on your iOS device.

2.    Click on the ‘Search bar’ to view categories.

3.    Choose a category.

4.    Choose a place.

5.    Click ‘Directions.’

6.    Then click ‘Go.’

How to add a place to your favorites

1.    Select the place you want to add to your favorite.

2.    Scroll down and click on ‘Favorite.’

The place will be added to your favorite places. You can also share and remove it when you want.

Steps to edit, share, or remove a place from favorites:

1.    Open the ‘Maps’ on your iOS device.

2.    Click on the ‘Search bar.’

3.    Scroll down and click on ‘Favorites.’

4.    Select a favorite you want to share or delete.

5.    Swipe left the favorite to view options.

6.    Select ‘Share or Remove.’

That’s it! Use the Maps app on your phone and make your journey simple.L is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Lucia has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

Step To install office 2007 setup On PC

For a systematic and well-structured professional and personal working MS Office Suite is the key. It is not only beneficial for professionals but also works for the students and teachers to deliver productive results. You can install Microsoft via online and offline both. You can install the different versions of the Microsoft Suite on your computer.

To install MS office 2007 on your computers through Offline by Hard disk, the following are steps:-

  1. Insert the CD/DVD in the space for the disk, wait until the disk is loaded completely.
  2. In “My Computer”, double click on the new folder generated.
  3. A pop-up will appear along with the asking for your agreement to install the MS Office 2007 setup on the computer.
  4. Click “Yes” and proceed for further step.
  5. Complete the installation process by following up the prompts and filling your office 2007 setup product key.
  6. Click the “Close” button, when you have successfully installed process successfully after the office 2007 setup.

To install MS office 2007 on your computers through Online, the steps are mentioned below-

  1. Open the web browser to access the official website of Microsoft Office.
  2. Select “Shop Office Products” option displayed on the main page of the website.
  3. A page will appear on the screen displaying all the Office products.
  4. Search for “MS office 2007”. You can search it either manually or by typing the name in the search bar present at the upper right corner of the webpage.
  5. Now, select the edition of the office 2007 setup, which meets your requirements.
  6. Before downloading the selected edition of the office 2007 setup, make sure whether the setup is compatible for your device or not.
  7. For this, you need to go through the product description, which contains the details of the minimum requirements of the MS office 2007 setup.
  8. Once you have made sure, that the office 2007 setup is compatible with your device, click the “Download” button present just below the name of the product.
  9. Now, you will be asked either to log in to your Office account or to create a new one.

Note: If you are already a user then click to login to the Office account, else create a new one, if not been a user.

The Best Ways to Troubleshoot the MS Outlook Send Receive Error

This is one of the most common errors that can represent itself with a different error code. Some of these are listed below:

  • Error Code 0 – “Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server”. This error stops the connections of the servers.
  • Error Code 0x800CCC80 – “None of the authentication methods supported by this client is supported by your server”.
  • Error Code 8004010F – “Outlook data file cannot be accessed”.

You can get some other similar error on your device. But do not worry, we will provide you with some troubleshooting steps to resolve MS Outlook Send Receive Error.

Steps to Fix MS Outlook Send Receive Error

In order to start using the outlook services, you need to remove the send and receive an error. Furthermore, if not resolved at right time, it can affect other applications on your computer. Performs these steps:

Check the Internet Connection

If you are facing issues with the Outlook then you must check the internet connection on your device. It highly likely that the possible cause of your issue is related to the internet issues.

  • On your computer, launch a web browser of your choice.
  • Then type anything in the search box, such as “” and hit the enter key.
  • If you get any search results then your internet is working properly.
  • Otherwise, you need to contact your Internet Service Provider for the issue.

In case your internet is working fine then you can also try other troubleshooting methods to fix the error.

Disable the Firewall and Security Applications

There is a possibility that the firewall of your device causing an issue with the Outlook application. To fix this issue, you can try disabling the firewall or other similar security feature from your device.

  • You can start by disabling the firewall of your device.
  • Also, if you have an antivirus or security application installed then remove it.
  • After that, launch the outlook application and try sending an email.
  • If the error persists then you can go to the other methods to fix the error.
  • Furthermore, make sure you enable the firewall and antivirus after the completion of this step.

For the instant resolution of the issue, you can contact the Outlook Support at the toll-free number.

Check Whether you are Using the Correct Email Account

Sometimes, the application logout automatically, in order to ensure the security. This also happens when the user removes the cache data from the device. When this happens, the user gets the MS Outlook Send Receive Error.

  • Launch the Outlook Application and go to the My Account.
  • You can also click on your profile icon.
  • You will be presented with the details of your account.
  • Here, you can click on the logout button.
  • And then, login in using the Outlook Account credentials that is username and password.

You can try sending an email to check whether the issue is fixed or not. Otherwise, you need to repair the application.

Repair the Outlook Application

There is a possibility that the Outlook application is corrupted or some files are deleted related to the application. In such a case, you can repair the files follow these steps.

  • Start by launching the Control Panel on your Windows computer.
  • Now click on Uninstall a Program under the Program menu.
  • A list of all the installed application will appear on your computer.
  • Navigate to the Outlook application and right-click on it.
  • From the menu list, choose to Repair.
  • After that, select the repair method and follow the instructions to complete the process.
  • You can also try the uninstall and reinstall the application to resolve this issue.
  • If the MS Outlook Send Receive Error is still there then you should get a technician. Call us at the toll-free number of Outlook Support and get an on-call technician now. Furthermore, you can also visit the website and get details related to your other Outlook issues.

The Best Ways to find complete system information

If you wish to know only the information related to the recent version of your Windows and other basic specification like memory and processor, you can use the Settings app. Here are the steps to check the related information:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click the System option.

3. Now, click ‘About.’

4. Check the “Device specifications” and “Windows specifications” to know exact information your PC and OS.

The Device specifications section will let you know about the name of your device, processor, memory,   device and product ID, system type, and even if your device supports a stylus or not. On the other side, the Windows specifications section offers you the information related to the Windows edition, version, date of installation as well as the recent build number.

How to use the System Information tool to check system information

Another option is to use the System information tool to check your PC specifications. It has been the best solution to check your computer specifications for a long time. Follow these steps to use this tool:

1. Click the Start button.

2. Enter System Information and select the top option available on the screen.

3. Move forward by clicking the System Summary option present on the left side of the display.

4. You will see all the relevant information.

If you want to see your system model, type, processor, installed memory, the latest date of update, and other details, then it will be available in the System Summary view. But, to see the graphics card information, you will have to go to the Components section.

How to create a system specification report

Generate the full description of your PC’s specification by using the System Information tool. Follow these steps:

1. Again, click Start.

2. Enter System Information in the search bar and select the top option.

3. Choose the specs that you desire to export.

4. Click the File option and then the Export option.

5. Choose the desired folder to save the exported file.

6. Type in an ideal name of the perfect and hit the Save option.

7. Your data will be kept in a text file after saving. Open the same with any of the installed text editors.

How to use Command Prompt to check system information

The Command Prompt will also show you relevant computer details. Go through these step to know system information through Command Prompt:

1. As usual, click on Start.

2. Search Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator option.

3. Enter the systeminfo command and press the Enter button to see the information.

The hardware and software information of your PC such as RAM, network details, system architecture and more will be updated after following these steps.

Rock Piterson is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Rock has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

The best ways to contact Microsoft to Setup Office Manually?

Microsoft Office is one of the leading enterprise business in the world and is also known around the world. This productivity tool is spread all over the world across continents and is almost available to the remotest part of the world. As it has made its presence all over the market and internet itself. Microsoft has to keep up with the support for their customers.

This toll free number is for all Microsoft Products and Not just Microsoft Office. Though you should know when to use this toll free number.

Know when to use this number?

This toll free number is specially for people who need to contact Microsoft on urgent bases, if you really need help with your Microsoft Product then you need to call this toll free number and get started with you inquiry.

Though there is a dedicated website to setup and install office,, there can also be some other problems that you may face while installing office and might need some technical support from and expert. So thats. when you can call the number.

What Microsoft will do is, that they will get a support executive on phone with you, who will guide you through the steps and he will almost correct everything that is going wrong with your product. He might even consider advising you to buy some software’s that will keep you computer in good condition for a long time.

You can visit the toll free website at

or you can simply go to

Since the adjunct year 2019 has begun, has been coming going on behind adding together ideas and content concerning daily bases, and in the same fashion developers of Pokemon GO have come happening in the midst of than a adding together type of concern for gamers to experience in the title.

Recently the first test for Lunch Hour Event took place around the 14th of March at 12 PM, which was alive for one full hour. During this Lunch Hour Event, Pokemon trainers will be skillful to spot many more Pokemon as the spawn rate during this issue would drastically lump.

Niantic has stated that this subsidiary situation was alive during 12 PM to 1 PM for all the players to avail them along between exclusive Pokemon and items during the lunch hours as a result that players can enjoy Pokemon GO during their literary and office hours.

Moreover, the team of developers at Niantic are moreover requesting for the precious feedback from the users and community members to insert upon the tested situation and avail players gone much bigger Lunch Hour Events for the entire week.

In collective to the bigger spawn rate, Pokemon GO players would with be adept to encounter Raid Battles which are currently featured in an totally exchange vibes. This would insist players to have a high possibility to indulge in high valued Raid Battles and players can have a lot of fun during their lunchtime.

Currently, the Legendary Lunch Hour issue is not the lonesome ongoing issue; instead, players are plus infuriating to safe a talented Rayquaza pocket creature for themselves. The Rayquaza has been reintroduced to the title after around a year gone its special Raid weekend.

This alive thing Pokemon is a definitely unique on high dragon type Pokemon which manage to pay for strong grip during battles, therefore all the trainers who have unproductive to catch a Rayquaza previously are making a full effort to seize this legendary type and append this Pokemon to their Pokedex.

The Special Raid issue will be comprehensible till March 14th appropriately players should create a gone ease-planned strategy to the fore bothersome to catch this creature. To catch this wild Pokemon, trainers should choose Ghost, Fairy or Ice-type Pokemon in there playing six as Rayquaza is week closely such Pokemon types. But if trainers have a dragon type considering them, they should enormously tote taking place going on them in there playing team as dragon type Pokemon can counter postscript Dragon-types.

Still, the best means to catch this legendary type is by attacking this Pokemon in addition to your links as combined effort results in a much more operational broil and makes high probabilities of winning the decide.

Hopefully, this new Legendary Lunch Hour business becomes enduring, and trainers acquire much more special Pokemon to unlimited their Pokedex. Lets see what feedback and reviews are sent to Niantic and how would they use them in improving the in-game experience.

Lisa Thomes is a Microsoft Office expert and has been involved in the highly developed industry back 2002. As a higher accomplished, she has written ordinary blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

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The best ways to Complete Guide for Checking Messages on Instagram

Are you new on Instagram? Do you want to send or check messages on your Instagram account? This guide will teach you about how to check the messages for sending a reply.

How to Check Messages on Instagram Application?

  1. Go to the ‘Instagram app’ on the iOS smartphone.
  2. Sign into your account.
  3. Go to the appropriate account if it is essential. 
  4. In the topmost right-hand edge, click the mail icon.
  5. You will be at  Direct inbox of Instagram.
  6. See the messages in the inbox.
  7. Unchecked messages will show you a blue dot.
  8. Click any message to go the message or the conversation thread.
  9. Take help of the message field plays media buttons.
  10. Send replies.
  11. In the top left-hand edge, click arrow icon.
  12. It will make an exit from the inbox, and you will be back to the feed.

The process of checking out the messages on the web.

Unluckily, in the web version of Instagram, there is no direct feature of messaging. Instagram doesn’t even provide direct access to a message on the web. It has specific third-party platforms that run the management — platforms such as Iconosquare. None of the third party platforms is legitimate. Users may finish compromising the Instagram account.

Insta Application on Windows

The only exception may be the official Insta app, that is for the windows. Even if you own a Windows PC, then this app can be downloaded. You can enjoy receiving and sending direct messages via it. You can also submit posts, videos, and photos, that too directly from the feed.

Finding hidden messages.

Instagram has allowed people to send direct messages. You may not be knowing about it. Just like Facebook auto filters unwanted messages, Insta also does the same, it hides specific messages from the inbox. Don’t worry; you can find those messages easily.

Follow the below given steps to find out the hidden messages on Instagram:

  1. At the uppermost right hand of the Application, Click the Inbox icon.
  2. Users may also swipe towards the right.
  3. If there are some hidden messages, then a small blue bar would appear.
  4. It will be at the top of inbox telling you about the message requests.
  5. Click the blue bar.
  6. There will be another inbox along with some message requests.
  7. It may be from people you don’t follow.
  8. If you have chosen to allow, then only you can see their request.

Sophia thomas is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Samuel has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

The best ways to Facing Repeated sign-in in Office 365 OneNote

Sign-in Office 365 OneNote – One Note has become the crucial part of the professional life. However, being mobile friendly, it became more popular. With the help of it, you can work from anywhere. Particularly, One Note has acquired major space. Although you can use the OneNote anywhere. But, you might face the issues related to Sign-in Office 265 OneNote.


Office 365 OneNote


One Note covered a major part of the professional life. However, OneNote is made for the both professional as well a personal life. OneNote is all set to gather the information. Also, it keeps the notes at the same time. With the help of this, it is easy to manage the things and notes. Every written piece of yours is crucial. Moreover, this counts in business. You can insert the attachments easily. Want to know the most superior thing about this application? The answer is simple, you are never out of your data. You can collaborate, access and share with the team. Flexibility is achieved. In case you are facing issues regarding the Sign-in Office 265 OneNote. Connect with the experts.


After Sign-in Office 265 OneNoteyou enjoy cloud base space. As a result, you can operate it from anywhere. Also, it is easy to access it one the multiple devices. You can access even if you are not at home. Hence, it will make you always stick to your work when required. You can share it with others and ask them to work with the team. You are allowed using as per your convenient. Since privacy is maintained, so you can make multiple options. No matter wherever you are, you will stay connected with the team. In this way, your projects are covered. Therefore, the ability to meet the deadlines for projects is maintained. Also, if you need a broader vision for your perspective, go to


Privacy and security are the two important things which are necessary. However, for businesses, it is most crucial. Onenote has the password protected files. Which means, your files and data can’t be stolen. Thus, the information taken by this application about privacy is taken seriously. Also, if you are working on the OneNote then disappear for some time, it will lock automatically. This happened in the case of the password protected files. Comparatively, the application is satisfying the requirements of users. Feel free to connect at for any further query.


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  • How to stop when OneNote keeps asking me to sign in windows 10?
  • What to do when OneNote won’t let me sign in mac?
  • My OneNote won’t sign in mac.
  • What are the steps – OneNote sign in not working mac?
  • Problem with OneNote for not signing in mac.
  • How to deal with the query saying the authentication session has expired. please, sign-in again.
  • What is OneNote sign in a loop?
  • Sign-in Office 365 OneNote

Above all, are the frequent asked questions by the users. However, you can anytime connect to the A team of experts is serving 24/7 solutions. For a better understanding, it is the finest option to adopt. Also, you can ask the technicians to do steps for your computer.

The Best Ways to Fix iPad Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

Some of the big problems associated with internet can be solved easily with the help of few clicks. It is so easy to do that even a novice can apply such methods by themselves. It is worth noting that you should not jump into the complicated solutions for solving your Wi-Fi connection problems before trying out the given below methods.

Top Ways to Make Your iPad Connect to Wi-Fi

  1. Go Near Your Wi-Fi Router

This method is always mentioned on the top because it solves the problem most of the time. If you go away farther than your Wi-Fi signal ability, then you’ll not be able to connect your iPad with the Wi-Fi.

  • Ensure That The Wi-Fi Network Is Working

Instead of going for repairing your iPad its better that you properly check your Wi-Fi network by connecting it to your other devices like PC, laptop and smartphone etc. It can be possible that the problem is with your Wi-Fi rather than your iPad.

  • Take Out The Cover Of It

If your iPad is covered with any case, then it is better to remove it. It may seem that it will not solve your problem, but sometimes it does works. Barriers may cause the signal to weaken. Therefore, your issue will get resolved if the cover was causing barriers.

Fixing iPad’s Network Settings Of Your Home

  • If you want to connect to the network of your home, then you need to visit the Settings of your iPad.
  • Ensure that all setting is marked entirely okay.
  • As soon you reach Settings option on your iPad, the foremost option that should be checked shall be situated at the above- It would be Airplane Mode. This should be turned ‘Off’ because if it is switched on, then it will not support you to connect to the Internet.
  • After that, press on Wi-Fi which is situated below the Airplane Mode. Go through the options that have been given below because you’ll get these two options over there:
  • ‘Ask To Join The Network’ Should Be Switched On- If you are not allowed to be part of the given network, then the Ask to Join Network option shall be disabled. The only thing that you need to do is switch it on.

The alternative method would have been to go for the option Other from the given network list. This step can solve your problem.

Sofia Thomas is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Harry Williams has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

Fix Minor Screen Issues in Windows 10

There are diverse techniques for changing the light of your Windows 10 PC screen.

Here is the manner by which to change Brightness on Windows 10 PC

  1. Open ‘Activity Center’ of your Windows 10 PC.
  2. Move the ‘Sun box’ symbol to change your work area brilliance from the preset dimensions. 0% is the most minimal light dimension, and 100% is the largest amount. Change the dimension with you are agreeable.

Ventures to change splendor level physically,

  1. Go to ”Action Center’ of your Windows 10 PC.
  2. Move your mouse cursor over the ‘Brilliance’ catch.
  3. Right snap on the ‘Brilliance’ catch.
  4. Snap on the brief ‘go to Settings’ connection. This will take you to the propelled settings of your Windows 10 PC.
  5. Under ‘Show’ area you’ll see a flat splendor level bar.
  6. Snap on the ‘Changing’ catch of the brilliance level bar and hold it.
  7. Presently, push it toward the left to diminish splendor and advance toward the directly to expand the dimension.

Different brilliance settings,

• Auto modify brightness:

You can likewise check the case underneath Adjusting bar, to auto alter splendor of your Windows as indicated by nature light.

• Night Light mode:

  1. Snap on ‘Night light’ sliding switch to turn on Night light mode.
  2. Presently, click ‘Night light settings’ connection for more night light settings.
  3. Snap on ‘Turn on now’ catch to empower night light mode for 24 hours.
  4. Snap on altering catch of ‘Shading temperature during the evening’ and move it left or directly to change the shading level.
  5. Turn on ‘Timetable night light’ change to physically choose the ideal opportunity for night mode.

Upside Down or Sideways Screen Issue

Topsy turvy and sideways screen is certifiably not a typical issue, however it some of the time happens inadvertently, thus when it happens it freezes the client. It’s anything but a major issue as you figure, this can be tackled with your mouse just as console too.

By keyboard:

To fix Upside Down or Sideways screen issue use underneath key blends,

• Ctrl fasten + Alt button+ Arrow catch.

• Ctrl button+ Alt button+ Down Arrow catch.

• Ctrl button+ Alt button+ Left Arrow catch.

• Ctrl button+ Alt button+ Right Arrow catch.

Utilize the alternate route inverse to flipped screen. Working of alternate route keys relies upon your framework and its product. On the off chance that the above easy route keys can’t settle the flipped screen, at that point ensure that hotkeys are turned on,

  1. Complete a right-click on the dark space of your work area.
  2. Presently go to ‘Realistic Settings’ or related settings to get to ‘hotkey initiation control’ choice.

In any case, this setting is just accessible on a couple of gadgets. All things considered, it can’t fix your flipped work area then you have to fix it from Windows settings. visit : to install office 365, office 2016 in your device.

By mouse:

  1. Complete a right-click on the dark space of your work area.
  2. Open ‘Show Settings’ from the alternatives. You can likewise open ‘Show Settings’ with the assistance of Windows or Cortana seek.
  3. Presently click on ‘Introduction’ name dropdown box.
  4. What’s more, pick ‘Scene’ from it.
  5. ‘Apply’ changes. This will pivot your work area introductions.
  6. Snap ‘Keep Changes’ catch in the affirming window on the off chance that the issue is understood, in the event that not, at that point click ‘Return’ or hold up to 15 seconds.