Limit Web Browsing With Internet Explorer

Users may limit their IE browser by making changes to Family settings. It is a piece of fantastic news for Windows users who want to keep their children, students and workers protected from specific contents. You can maintain the safety by blocking certain harmful websites on all versions of Windows. Ensure that these methods limits are browsing only on Internet Explorer.

Windows 10

  1. Go to the Start screen and tap Settings.

If you feel like limiting web traffic in IE, then you have to make a fresh Windows user account with restricted entry. This can be known as a child account.

  • Tap Accounts and choose Family and other users.

Family and others account will present you with a list of the user account on your system. If the user has a child account already then you won’t require generating a new one. You can instead make changes to child account’s web restrictions by heading over to the

  • Tap Add family member and Add a child

Do not go for an adult account as they have no limits.

  • Type in email address of Microsoft if you want to add another child user.
  • This child user needs to have such an email address that finishes with, etc.
  • If a child is having an email address of Microsoft, then enter it into blank and tap OK and Confirm.
  • Suppose the child doesn’t have Microsoft email account then tap on the statement: the person I want to add don’t have any email address.
  • Enter new email address and password for a child account.
  • Tap Next.
  • Sign in Outlook for reading confirmation email from Microsoft.

While signing in you will require username and password of the child. A message will pop-up in the inbox is saying that you need a parent’s permission.

  • Tap Have a parent sign in.
  • You need to type username and password and tap Sign in.
  • It is username/password combination that is needed for logging into Windows 10.
  • Type information of the credit card to give a proof of your age.

Microsoft will charge your card at $.50. You have no other way. Type the information, tap Next and Confirm.

  • Take your browser to for Family settings.

You will be presented with a list of accounts related to your Family at the top right side of the display.

  • Tap arrow next to child’s account name for heading over to the web browser settings.

You will see the menu then choose Web browsing from the given list.

  1. Block the unsafe websites.

In Web browsing menu, turn the switch by blocking inappropriate websites to On. Doing this will restrict the inappropriate material. It will also permit the SafeSearch to define the results regarding the child’s search accurately

  1. You can specifically permit websites via the filter.

Certain websites like the ones regarding gender could be restricted by filters improperly. When you are aware of a site that is important to your children, and then enter an address to box below Always allows these. Tap allow for adding the site to list.

  1. Blocking a particular site.

 To prevent the access to a specific site such as Facebook, enter the address beneath Always block these. Tap block for adding it to block list.

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www.Office.Com/Setup | Office.Com/Setup | Setup Office

  • Go to or
  • Sign in with with your Microsoft Account, If you don’t have an Office account you can create a new one.
  • Select Install Office.
  • Enter your product key.
  • Install your Office 365 or Office 2016 on your PC or Mac.
  • Depending on your browser.
  • Click Save.
  • Run, Setup or Save File.
  • Open the file you saved and follow the onscreen

After installing Microsoft Office setup, you will be required to activate it before you can start using the programs and services. Here are the steps for Office activation:

  • Go to Start.
  • Click on Programs.
  • Click on any Microsoft Office app.
  • Enter the 25 character alphanumeric product key/code in the activation window.
  • Click on Accept in the License terms window.
  • Click on Activate.

How to Create Your Own Window 10 Theme?

Window 10 lets you make your theme in Window 10 with a custom Windows wallpaper, Windows edge and Windows Start tab with the various other colors. These settings can be stored as a folder of a new document on your system so that you can easily use it later and send with your loved ones.

Get Setup Visit at :

Some of the options can be applied to both the Windows that will be used while setting up these various themes:

  • Windows wallpaper.
    The theme provides an azure color window desktop having a white windows symbol on the right corner of the display. The windows 10 provide a screen wallpaper of a person icon and having 4 extra images with the rotational feature.
  • Settings of your m
    The Windows 10 and its older version will help you to access the setting of the mouse. You can change these settings whenever you feel like.
  • Settings
    The Windows 10 and its older version will help you to access the setting of the mouse. You can change these settings whenever you feel like.
  • Changing color of Start tab.
    The Windows 10 will provide an azure and black color theme. The color of the Windows 10 theme is bullion and black. You will get this color on the start tab and in window option. You will get here various types of fonts also.
  • The Windows ringtone is used by the Windows 10 themes and its older version To create changes in the ringtone setting, it can be feasible.

Discover Accessible Themes of Windows 10

Windows system already has an old theme included in it and also gives you the option of extra themes, when you open the theme menu. The available themes will be shown in your desktop, and this will be the reason that the user has already downloaded that themes on its system and gone through the recent updates of these themes.

Here are the steps listed below to see which themes are available in Windows 10:

  • Tap the Windows logo on the left corner of the Taskbar tab at the end of the desktop.
  • Press the Settings option.
  • In case there is a left upward facing bullet in the upper side of the Settings screen, tap on that bullet.
  • Press the Personalization option.
  • Tap Themes tab.

The Themes area displays the recent themes at the upper side and provides an option to change different parts of that theme like Wallpaper, Color, Ringtone, and Color of the Mouse.

How to Apply a Theme from the Store?

The many other themes which contain Gloomy, Anime, Scenery, Structural design, Environment font, and many different themes also, which are obtainable from the computer and without opening Internet.

Go through the given steps to apply the theme from the Windows Store:

  • Navigate Start, click settings option, then press Personalization tab, and after that tap Themes, in case it is not previously unlocked on the desktop.
  • Press Get More Themes option.
  • Check the accessible themes; click the swipe down option on the right corner.
  • Tap on any complimentary Theme.
  • Press Get.
  • After finishing downloading, press Launch.
  • The theme gets open on your desktop.

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