Uplift work productivity while reducing efforts with Microsoft

icrosoft is constantly doing efforts and coming up with the solutions to efficiently manage your workload productively. Microsoft has recently announced the advanced features to its My Analytics platform and a new feature that will help you to manage your workload so that you can focus on your work more, and that what actually matters.

Microsoft’s My Analytics tool is used to help the employees of an organization to monitor their productivity and will let you know how much time you have spent to work on different projects. The tool will also track down the number of days in which you have managed to do extra. When you are spending extra time to complete your work you might not check your email in that span, however, My Analytics tool keeps an account of your work. To get details and install the tool you need to visit office.com/setup.

Microsoft works on an idea where the employees must concentrate on the number of work assignments rather than how much the employees are working after the office hours.

According to the views collected from a number of employees working in flourished MNCs, the time spent in the meetings is more as compared to the work they do on their projects. Therefore, the employees get less time to concentrate on the tasks and projects assigned to them.

Microsoft’s perception behind the new feature

According to Microsoft, it has launched some new features which will help you to set a focus time so that you can concentrate and on your task and perform it to the mark. The tool with the new and advanced features will let you set focus time each week and also you will be introduced to a Microsoft feature which will alert you and your co-employees when you are trying to sort the important meetings and projects within a time-frame. To understand and get into the details of the new advanced feature, you can visit office.com/setup.

Microsoft launching its powerful plug-in to manage your work efficiently

As your co-workers are not concerned about the flow of work you are handling, they either will assign you another task or will schedule a meeting with you. This will result in facing difficulties in managing the tasks. For this, Microsoft is launching a new AL-powered plug-in for its Outlook application that will assist you to reschedule your focus time so that you can effectively manage your workload and focus on assignments on top priority.


Microsoft has transformed our way of working lifestyles. The company is in a constant pace of developments and work on designs, which are updated with advanced features. The plans of the company are to introduce well-structured networking and cooperation plans.

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