Well, you are on the right page to know more about and activating your copy of MS Office

Setting up your latest Office product has become much easier as compared to previous versions.

Learn how to setup office in 3 easy steps 1. Login 2. Submit 3. Install

Before you plan to install the Office 2016 or Office 365 on your device be it a Computer, Laptop, Mobile Phone or a Tablet, you are required to take few important steps on of them is to remove any existing Office installations from your PC. Just like the previous Office products, Office 2016 & 365 will conflict with the previously installed versions. So, it becomes necessary to remove the previous office setup files properly.

Here is how you can uninstall the previously installed office products.

Click start then click on control panel button. In the control panel window select Programs and Features.

Locate the installed office, select and hit uninstall.

You can also use 3rd party uninstaller to remove the existing office product. We also recommend the 3rd party uninstaller only because it will also help you to remove the hidden files that cannot be removed using preinstalled control panel.

Once done you can visit or to setup office on your device. Enter your 25 character office product key and hit submit.

Enter your office account information to complete the installation process. You can use your previously created Microsoft Account or create a new one.

After that choose your language and country and hit install.

This installation process will take some time depends upon the speed of your device and internet connection.